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Burbank Showcase Results​

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Arabian, Korben Dallas, owned by Larra Paolilli, and ridden by Bryce Quinto, scored a high score of 64% at First Level, Test 2.

Oldenburg, Dendera, owned and ridden by Bryce Quinto, competed at her first show at Training Level, Test 2. "Dera" brought home a blue ribbon with a score of 66%. ​

Shire cross, Lucky, ridden by Romana Hartke and owned by Toni Osseck, had a solid ride at Second Level, Test 1 to earn a score of 62%.

Thoroughbred, Silky Air, owned by Elise Layzell and ridden by Bryce Quinto, had some beautiful moments at Training Level, Test 3. We are eager to see the progress of this elegant mare, she only continues to get better with every ride.

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